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Mold Inspections and Testing,  Asbestos Inspections & Testing, Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Seattle's Independent Company for Mold, Asbestos & Indoor Air Quality Inspections & Testing.

Valina Wisner, Owner           ACAC Accredited CMC- Certified Microbial Consultant, AHERA Asbestos Building Inspector

"We are a local, veteran owned and operated company serving Seattle and the surrounding areas.  When you chose us to provide any service for you, you will have a free "ongoing" connection with us to answer your indoor air quality questions".

"My family has suffered from allergies and asthma for years and we felt our house may be part of the problem.  With the services of IAQ Consultants of Seattle we discovered that we had mold behind much of the sheetrock in the finished basement of our house. It was due to water penetration through the perimeter walls. Valina initially performed indoor air quality testing and discovered the mold, then before we removed the sheetrock she tested it to make sure it didn't have asbestos. With her knowledge, experience and guidance, we were able to safely remove the sheetrock ourselves which saved us a considerable amount of money that we can now use to repair and restore our basement living space.  If testing services are needed, I would strongly recommend IAQ Consultants of Seattle." Mold Inspections & Testing in Seattle

T. Vann Seattle WA


"I hired Valina to check for mold & other allergens in my house.  I was very impressed with her knowledge and her neat equipment.  The good news is I don't have mold.  As she was doing her inspection she found two unrelated things I need to fix.  Who knew my deck has serious dry rot.  Thank you Valina!"

Margaret A. Seattle, WA


"I would highly recommend IAQ Consultants.   Valina's knowledge, expertise and professionalism was instrumental in our decision process.  She was a pleasure to work with."

K.B. Bellevue, WA


"Thorough, knowledgeable, good communication -- above and beyond."

Sondra Kornblatt Seattle, WA