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Mold Inspections and Testing,  Asbestos Inspections & Testing, Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Valina Wisner, ACAC Accredited CMC and AHERA Building Inspector

Valina Wisner is the owner and founder of IAQ Consultants of Seattle. She is a Council-certified Microbial Consultant "CMC" through the ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification) and an AHERA Asbestos Building Inspector in Washington. She has been in the environmental industry since 1994 when she joined her mother's asbestos abatement company in California starting out as an asbestos abatement worker.  She has conducted thousands of projects for both environmental testing and remediation/abatement. Ms. Wisner helps Seattle area homeowners, commercial property owners, schools and entities by assessing their environmental situations, identifying root causes, and explaining the best methods to address the issues. She uses the latest technology and techniques for all inspections and testing.

Before starting IAQ Consultants of Seattle, Ms. Wisner founded and operated an environmental remediation company for 12 years in California focusing on commercial and residential mold and asbestos removal. Her broad range of knowledge in both mold, asbestos & indoor air quality testing and remediation (never at the same time) offers her clients a full perspective and provides unsurpassed common sense solutions.

Her years of experience often saves her clients thousands of dollars, especially with regards to mold, when remediation is not necessary or can be handled by the property owner, instead of hiring a mold removal contractor.

Ms. Wisner has always maintained the position that it is a conflict of interest for firms to do both testing and abatement…whether it is legal or not.

In Washington, there are no laws governing mold remediation/testing and asbestos abatement. Contractors may take their own samples if they are AHERA certified. As you can imagine this presents a potential for fraud if the contractor is not honest.

IAQ Consultants of Seattle only conducts inspections and testing and does not do remediation or sell any products. Our clients can rest assured that they are receiving independent, professional and unbiased service.  What sets Ms. Wisner apart is her integrity and common sense approach for solving problems in mold, asbestos and indoor air quality.

Ms. Wisner is an US Air Force veteran and the eighth woman in history to be selected for the USAF Presidential Honor Guard, serving from 1979-1981.

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